Measuring local Radioactivity Level by different GMC
Motivation Location
Interest in radioactivity measurements resulted in the past from the testing of nuclear weapons and the proliferating nuclear power plants since the 1960s.
Today, the topic has regained relevance after a missed energy turnaround to secure the energy demand, resulting in the further preservation and construction of more nuclear power plants and irresponsible politicians openly acting with a nuclear threat backdrop.
The background ambient dose rate (ODL) refers to the radiation dose per unit of time that acts on a person from the outside. It is measured at a fixed location and expressed in the unit sievert or millisievert per hour.
You can find the actual ambient dose rate value for Germany @ and Switzerland @
From these values, the expected ODL for SouthGermany/Switzerland is about 0.085 uSv/h.
PiGI GMC w/ FHZ 76 V connected to M5StickC

Cajoe GMC w/ M4011 connected to M5ATOM Lite

Cajoe GMC

DFRobot Gravity GMC w/ M4011 connected to M5StickC
DFRobot Gravity GMC

RadSens w/SBC-20 connected to Uno WiFi Rev2

You can see this and other stations in a life map of Move to Zürich area in Switzerland and you will find my station near Pfäffikon SZ.


MultiGeiger in Vorbereitung...

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